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When it comes down to efficient elevator installation, you need to look no further than Ascension Elevators. Owned and operated by an elevator technician, we know all there is to know about residential elevators. We sell good, high quality products, install them properly, and maintain them regularly. We provide service to Calgary, Edmonton and all surrounding areas of Alberta, as well as all of BC and Saskatchewan.

Experience Matters

We’re a company headed by an elevator technician in Calgary & Edmonton. All our employees have, in some form or the other, worked with elevators before. We’ve repaired, installed, and maintained hundreds of elevators and wheelchair lifts even before we formed Ascension Elevators.

This experience gives us a unique perspective. We understand how elevators work. We understand the problems that can crop up, and what kind of maintenance is required to that your home elevators work properly for a long time. We can give you reliable and informed advice regarding the install, use, repair, and maintenance of your elevators

Customer Oriented

We’ve always been a customer oriented Home Elevator company serving Calgary, Edmonton and all of Alberta. At Ascension, we understand that elevators can be a big investment and people want to make the right choice. We only house the best quality product that we believe in. We also make sure that we install the elevators properly so that they provide years of stress-free service to you.

We make sure that the installed elevators are safe for you to use. We also pride ourselves in our quick and responsive customer service. If you have any problems with your elevators, you can give us a call and we’ll respond as quickly as possible, we make sure that all our repair work is efficient and will last for a long time.

High Quality Assurance

As a home elevator company dedicated to customer service, we pay keen attention to the quality of our products and our installation. We love to maintain a good, healthy relationship with our customers and never want to leave room for disappointment or anger. Our elevator installer experts give their 100% to every repair or install, making sure that the job is completed without error.

At Ascension Elevators in Calgary & Edmonton, we take pride in our customer service and the high quality of our products. Our customers feel safe and confident about using our products.

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