If you purchase a great product, you want it running properly. After our sales rep has helped you buy the right elevator for your needs, our technicians will install it correctly and without issue. Ascension Elevators is a company that’s owned and operated by a qualified elevator technician. We’re familiar with the products we sell and all the latest technology. Even if you supply your own elevator, we can install it in your home.

We have several years’ worth of experience in the industry and can install residential elevators in Calgary efficiently. Our experts are very meticulous and keep a careful eye on every detail.

People often make the mistake of using an unqualified elevator installer and end up regretting their decision with constant return visits from the company. If the elevator is not properly installed, it won’t function properly. In fact, it might even damage the expensive machinery. It’s vital to hire someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to home elevator installation. The risk of accident and injury is too great.

Our experienced technicians make sure that this doesn’t happen. With us, you can be sure that your home elevators are installed properly and function accordingly.


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