Advantages of Installing Eco-friendly Elevator Lifts

When it comes to green elevators, they are not just meant for conserving energy. They are designed to give back much more than what is invested. For example, regenerative drive elevator lifts help in recovering energy that is usually dissipated away as heat. They return much of the energy back into the electrical system.

More Energy Savings

Eco-friendly elevators not only help in producing power which could be used for other purposes, they also help in saving money by minimizing the need for cooling the elevator machine. Regenerative drives help in reducing power consumption and help you in saving big in the long term. New green elevator systems offer several features that help in cutting down on costs. They not only help reduce the amount of wasted energy, they also help promote conservation of ecology. They also help in saving your hard-earned money and time through efficient operation.

Additional Benefits

There are many other advantages of using new eco-friendly Home elevators. Some of the most important ones include: - No Need for Lubricants – Green elevators don't have cables or gear pistons. So you don't have to lubricate them regularly or worry about preventing oil leaks. Hydraulic lifts however do require regular lubrication for their operation. - More Energy Savings – As already mentioned, green elevators don't consume much energy. They don't use power for descending because they work on gravity. Similarly, the amount of energy required for moving upward is also minimal. Halogen and LED lighting is increasingly used in these lifts to further help reduce energy consumption. Installation and maintenance of these lights also cost less compared to the conventional lighting systems. Besides, these systems also use sensors that automatically switch off lights when no one is using the elevator. - Special Sensors – New green elevators have special in-cab sensors that further help increase energy efficiency. They allow the system to enter idle mode whenever they are not in use. Not only are the lights turned off, even the ventilation, music and video systems are either turned off or hibernated. Usually, the ventilation systems are slowed down.

New Regenerative Drive Systems

The latest green elevator systems are installed with specially designed energy saving drives that enable efficient use of energy. When the car moves down, the current is pumped back into the system. This helps in saving energy which would otherwise get wasted. The new regenerative drive systems are being designed for recovering most of the used energy. The recovered energy is then used up within your home or office’s electrical system. This could help you in saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars annually in energy costs. It can also help in reducing machine room cooling which accounts for a significant part of energy costs in running the elevator lift. Thus, there are many advantages of switching over to green elevators. They help in saving energy, time and money in the long term. They also need lesser maintenance and thus save you valuable time and effort.