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Harmar Ascent Dumbwaiter

For small lifts with huge impact, Harmar's Ascent Dumbwaiter is the perfect elevator for your home. Combining the Ascent's ease in home mobility with Ascension's customer service experience, you can simply enjoy the experience of installing a dumbwaiter. Once installed, transport your everyday items from floor to floor knowing that your dumbwaiter is backed by the best warranty in the business.

Lighten your load and lift your spirits

Safety in the home isn't just about locking doors and keeping sharp objects out of reach. It includes how you move items from floor to floor. A home dumbwaiter removes the risk of transporting items, while increasing your confidence in moving items throughout the levels of your home. Take advantage of a system sure to make an impact on your daily life and add property value within your home.

A Harmar Ascent Dumbwaiter is perfect if you need:

  • Ease in moving your daily items from floor to floor,
  • Increased safety when moving items throughout all levels,
  • A simple installation that increases mobility while reducing labour costs,
  • Durability and easy maintenance of your dumbwaiter, and
  • Increased trust in a reliable dumbwaiter with a superior product warranty.

Take the weight off your shoulders (or arms, legs, and back!) and let us take care of the rest!

Stop searching for the perfect dumbwaiter. With Harmar, you've found it. Reach out to learn more!


Think this elevator might be right for you or want to discuss your options with our experienced sales team? Simply enter your details and we will be in touch!

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