What is the typical power requirement for a home elevator?

30 amp 220V & 15 amp 115V

How much size does your typical elevator take up?

standard sizes start from 55×54 and are supplied in a variety of ranges to suite your build.

What does MRL mean?

MRL stands for Machine Room Less, meaning all of our elevator equipment is located somewhere within the hoist way. Leaving you more space in your residence for other rooms. We carry the only manufacturer of TRUE MRL Home Elevators.

Does the elevator have a phone?

All our residential elevators come standard with a phone integrated into the C.O.P (car operating panel) or a separate phone box

Is there anything to save us in the event of a power outage?

Yes all our devices come factory equipped with back up battery lowering devices, among other safety features

Is it safe?

Residential Elevators are extremely safe, and have multiple devices to ensure your safety. Contact us if you have any worries about safety.

What are the benefits?

Increase your home value, ensure ease of access to any floor for any age or physical ability.

Is there warranty?

Yes all our products are backed with industry leading warranty on a variety of product lines.

How much maintenance do they require?

We recommend your elevator be maintained twice a year unless under heavy use then quarterly is recommended.

Do you provide maintenance?

Yes we have multiple maintenance packages available.

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