Benefits of Stair Lifts for Wheelchairs

For many people, being restricted to awheelchair wasn’t a lifetime plan. However, because of some unexpected disease,tragedy, or aging years they found themselves thrust into a world they hadnever known before. As a wheelchair user, you have to face several challengesevery day, the most significant of which limited mobility. For example, yourschool or workplace corridors may be too tiny for the wheelchair to fit. Or theplaces you wish to visit may have uneven surfaces that are difficult tonavigate through.

To get by, you need to make changes to yourlifestyle. But as time passes, the changes you make become a routine and helpyou live a happy life. One of the changes that you consider is installing astair lift for the wheelchair at your home. This way, you’ll be able to movefrom one floor to another with comfort. Another advantage of installing a stairlift is that you won’t have to depend on your relatives or friends to movearound in your own home. Stair lifts, vertical platform lifts, and wheelchairplatform lifts, all offer several great benefits as you’ll see below:

  • Independence

One of the major reasonswhy many disabled or aged citizens choose to live in senior living facilitiesor healthcare centres is because they can’t move around their homes freely evenif they are using wheelchairs.  Theinability to move from one floor to another safely and independently is one ofthe major inconveniences many disabled and senior citizens face every day.

Although caregivers can behired to help the elderly fulfil their daily basic needs, they can’t beavailable round-the-clock. This means that simple tasks such as getting out ofyour sofa in the living room, taking a bath, or moving from one floor to another,can become impossible. By installing stair lifts, all these problems canrestrictions can be eliminated at once. Stair lifts return your independenceand convenience to you that you thought were gone forever.

  • Safety

Research has shown thatmany seniors who get injured or experience a fall usually do so while they’rein the comfort of their home. And the majority of these people are already confinedto wheelchairs for moving around. This mostly happens when people who are agedor suffering from a disability consider using the stairs. This makes the stairsthe most unsafe area of your home.

A stair lift in such caseshelps to keep them safe as they move around their house and eliminates the riskof slipping, tripping on something, missing a step, or suddenly becoming tiredor dizzy. When one wants to move to another floor level, all they have to do isactivate the stair lift. It will come to their current location and take themto the other floor in just a few seconds. Stair lifts are smart devices and candetect or sense objects that may come along their path. This mechanism preventscollisions and allows the disabled and senior citizens to move around theirhomes safely.

  • Flexibility

Stair lifts are manufacturedin such a way that they can easily be installed on any type of staircase. So youcan get it installed in your house regardless of whether your staircase isstraight, curved, or of any other shape. What’s even better is that it can be installed on any side of the stairsthat you want. Moreover, to add to the user’s convenience, manufacturersusually provide controls on lifts for both right- and left-handed people. Thismakes the stair lifts extremely easy to operate, without needing anybody’shelp.