Ascension Elevators Remains Open and Here for Our Customers

Themost common topic of conversation and the most searched term on the Internet isCOVID-19. This tiny little virus has gained global attention because it haspermeated the lives of everyone on the planet. As the world journeys forward through this unprecedented time, the AscensionElevator Team is trying our very best to maintain excellent customer service.  Our business continues to be an essentialservice, so we stay open and able to serve current and future clients.  At the same time, the safety and well beingof our customers and staff remains our top priority.  Ascension Elevators is aware that some of ourclientele may be at higher risk from COVID-19 because of age or due to having apre-existing health condition.  Wecontinue to monitor any changes published to ensure we comply with allstandards and practises available.  Oneof our newly incorporated practices is to request making an appointment beforecoming to our showroom (Please see our contact information below). This step providesa limit to the number of people on the premises to adhere to social distance protocols.However, we can discuss any questions or concerns over the phone. 

Muchof the work we do on-site are structures that are not yet inhabited; we stillpractise good safety habits.  The healthand safety of Ascension Team members are vital. However, going to a site wherepeople already reside motivates the Ascension Elevator Team members to takeadditional precautions – for our team and our clients.  The Ascension Team can create a plan thatworks with the homeowner and their family.  This plan ensures everyone’s safety andcomplies with all known health standards. Ascension Elevator Team members prepare to do whatever it takes to createan environment of mutual respect and consideration.  Going to a populated location, members followrigid sanitizing protocols.  Theseinclude each member washing or using hand sanitizer and donning any requiredpersonal protective wear and any properly cleaning all tools and equipmentused.  In turn, Ascension respectfullyrequests that any individual who may be at risk, remain away from the actualroom(s) where members are working.   Additionally,we will try to be as flexible as we can to accommodate our clients’ needs and concerns. 

“OurValues” indicate Ascension Elevators is committed to providing exceptionalcustomer service.  The Ascension ElevatorTeam focuses on the client, so we get satisfaction knowing that we aresupporting our customers during such a daunting time in all our lives. Wecontinue to support our maintenance commitments, whether it be pre-plannedquarterly or bi-annually inspections, or a one time service need.  Ascension strives to provide the products andservices needed to help our clients remain in their homes.

Ifa home elevator sounds appealing or you are interested in gathering additionalinformation, we would love to discuss your needs at your convenience. AscensionElevators have a variety of styles that would meet your needs. A home elevatorcan fit seamlessly into different décor styles, whether you are looking forsomething traditional, mid-century or modern. Home elevators can be installedbehind a door so that a guest might guess there is a closet there. The entry tothe home elevator can be customized to the owner’s taste or just match thedécor.  It could even look like a pieceof art on the wall.  The cab can also becustomized, but the standard offerings are also beautiful. Other home elevatorscan stand proud amidst a modern open concept space and look stunning.   These tend to be structures created fromplastic or glass. Regardless of your style choices, we are confident that wecan assist in meeting your home elevator needs.  

AscensionElevators: Please call at 587-978-8498 or email at